Falcon Pack sends its employees for Umrah during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Tuesday, 10th July 2018 9:41

All praise and thanks to Almighty Allah. Falcon Pack as part of employee engagement initiated consecutive Umrah Campaign in the month of Ramadan this year, Aim is to facilitate focus on employees to boost values, raise their quality of faith visit Holy Places, which engulfed our employees with abundance of happiness. Regardless of Nationality, Language and Ethnic employees were selected. Falcon Pack made all necessary arrangements for all their Visa, Air Travel and accommodation close to Holy Mosque.

Trip lasted for Seven days; Three days in Makkah, three in Madinah and one on the road to each destination by modern, convenient and highly equipped coaches. Falcon Pack employee engagement efforts have contributed to an increase in employee satisfaction and happiness.

There could not be a better month to fast and Perform Umrah than this in effulgence and propitiousness, for the Muslims to adorn the day with fasting and the nights with Prayer. Gathering of believers from all nations and languages, to pray in the sacred place of Mecca that houses the first sanctuary of Almighty Allah and visit to Madina, the sacred resting place of Prophet Mohammed (Sal) like the pilgrimage itself, is an emotional experience and the pilgrim offers salutation. In the vast assemblage barriers of language, territory, colour and race are annihilated and the bond of faith forged reigning supreme, enjoying the bliss of Almighty Allah, as equal before His eyes, indeed a remarkable social integration.